Jetlag + missed meds = ded!llama

My flight on Wednesday ended up getting cancelled – there was a problem with the plane and after working on it for most of the afternoon/evening, 4 or so hours after we were due to fly, they cancelled the flight. Aer Lingus put us up in a hotel (Crowne Plaza, nice, thank you), fed us and we flew home the following afternoon.

They had some difficulty finding me a flight from Dublin back to Birmingham (apparently Birmingham is a super mythical place where no planes go) and I ended up being checked in really late and was given a seat in row 40. Which with crutches is super awesome, y’know? And I was stiff as it was.

The flight crew were awesome, took one look at me hobbling onto the plane, looked at my ticket and moved me to an empty seat in row 12. I actually ended up with both seats to myself.

Unfortunately, I then had an allergic reaction to my meal. My specially booked meal that was supposed to have nothing I’m allergic to in it. Super! I didn’t taste peppers/chillis but the rice tasted… not quite right so I didn’t eat a whole lot of it. About 30 minutes later? My stomach cramps and I just about make it to the plane toilet before violently emptying out of both ends and almost passing out. We’re talking ‘they had to put the toilet out of order’ levels of ill. Not fun.
Took allergy meds, started feeling better maybe 15 minutes later and the flight crew were super in checking in on me the rest of the flight home.

I should have got back to Birmingham at like 5pm on Thursday, got back at 12pm on Friday. The wheelchair assistance guy actually took me all the way to the platform to get my train, a complete stranger wheeled my suitcase to my taxi and the taxi driver carried my suitcase up to my flat. People are awesome. I was completely exhausted and ended up napping for about 2 hours. Woke up, ordered pizza. Went to bed about 10, slept HARD, woke up convinced it was about 3 – and it was like 1. I fell asleep again around 7am on Saturday morning, woke up Saturday lunchtime. Didn’t actually get out off bed.

I think it was a combination of jetlag, finally coming down with the crud I’ve been fighting off the last couple weeks and a depression hit since I’d missed my meds effectively on Weds, Thurs and Fri. Yeah, not so good. The crash has not been fun

I got to sleep around 10:30 last night, slept til about 4. Futzed around for a bit, went back to sleep around 7:30 and woke up at 10. I actually made it out of the house and got to Tesco. I changed the last of my dollars back, got some groceries and am now on my couch watching Netflix. I’d intended on doing shit around the house, setting up my bujo for 2018 but honestly? I don’t think I have it in me. I’m still wiped so I’m gonna Netflix and chill for the rest of the day. Just started watching The Night Shift after a few recommendations and I am in love.

Tonight I need to try and get sleep schedule sorted because tomorrow is Monday and there is work. BOO!