Tweet Tweet

I realised the other weekend that my twitter feed was a complete mess – not just because of the algorithms but because I was following so many tv/movie/music/celeb-related accounts that I was completely missing my friends’ updates. I also realised I had close to 1000 accounts that I was following. Well, it’s no wonder I was missing stuff.

So I started a nice little detox.

I went through my following list, cleared out accounts that weren’t being updated or if I couldn’t remember who someone was, and/or wasn’t interested in reading their tweets. Things like promo accounts for shows or movies from years ago were unfollowed. I’m down to 523 that I’m following but didn’t finish the clear out it – it’s on my May to-do list to finish doing that.

I also created lists – so I could see celeb updates separately from real people, meaning I wouldn’t miss things. I ended up with about 20 different lists for different types of accounts I was following – Stargate, Books, Cons/Events/Happenings, Music, Actors, Useful Real Life Stuff, HEARTEYES, Fandom, Real People are some examples.

Twitter feels like a much less stressful place and I’m enjoying actually being able to interact with people again. So yay, success!