Hello Dreamwidth/Livejournal/Wordpress (please delete as applicable depending on where you’re reading this) and Happy New Year. I hope you’ve all had a wonderful festive period.

I am currently coming to the end of my festive shenanigans. I’m sitting on ‘s couch watching some Stargate SG1. I’ve been over in California since the 20th and I go home again on the 3rd, back to work on Monday 8th. I’m at that stage of I really don’t want to go home combined with really looking forward to going home and sleeping in my own bed.

But it’s been a wonderful shenanigan-filled fortnight filled with all the things.
On the 21st, we went to the SF Dungeon, the Maritime Museum and riding on a cable car. Sadly I took a tumble that morning so we then had a couple of days of rest, watching movies and going to the cinema.
I was invited to Natalie’s family Christmas which was insane and fun and completely different.
On the 26th we took a gentle 3-mile walk around the John Muir National Monument looking at the awesome sequoia trees and just enjoying the peace and quiet.
After that, I fulfilled a bucket list item, went somewhere that I’ve been trying to get to for 13 years – The Winchester Mystery House and did ALL THE WALKING. We did both tours, up and down and around and around for over 3 hours and holy shit did I hurt but it was SO worth it.
The following day we went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium – using the wheelchair due to serious ow from the previous day… and holy crap there are some seriously fucking rude people out there!
Winchester Mystery House
We were supposed to go whale watching on the 30th but neither of us felt up to it – we’ve both got coughs and colds and I was still hurting. We went on to the beach in Santa Cruz (saw the boardwalk but no vampires) then took a leisurely drive up the PCH and flailing at the pretty scenery. We also drove over the Golden Gate Bridge and up to the Marin headlands. Sadly all the other people also did this so we didn’t get to stop but I still got some amahzing view ❤
Yesterday was a rest day, watching all the Star Wars and planning 2018's shenanigans.
Today we hit up the California Academy of Science and had all the fun.

Tomorrow I will be sadly doing laundry and packing because on Wednesday I fly home. I land back in Birmingham on Thursday evening and then back into the real world on Friday. I have been thinking about New Years resolutions and stuff but for now, this week's goals are to finish shenanigans, get home safely, get quotes for getting Lotte fixed and register at new doctors.

Here we go! 🙂